acre is a private company with locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

To contact us about corporate affairs please email

For public relations enquiries please contact  

growth opportunities

acre is a growing company and we’re always looking to partner with like-minded
and landlords to bring new and exciting experiences to communities.


We have a variety of flexible models:

  • Kiosks in high foot-traffic locations that only require water and power

  • Convenience - style smaller format stores (approx. 30 to 80m2)
    in high foot-traffic locations that that only require water and power and some storage


  • Café- bakeries (approx. 80 to 150m2)
    which require bathroom facilities access and to trade waste


  •  Garden & urban farm locations with cafes, bakeries, restaurants, functions & events
    (typically over 1000m2 with indoor and outdoor space) which include our gardens and
    urban farms and require bathrooms,
    access to trade waste and sufficient parking


For opportunities please feel free to contact